1st March 2013
        JOHN B & MC Coppa
JOHN B British super producer has known for ages what Lady Gaga is only just discovering:  the importance of pushing boundaries with a well-manicured hand. With his fondness for eye liner, nail varnish and retro kitsch, John B has become one of the most eclectic and unique individuals in electronic music. His playful stretching of the genre’s elastic over the past ten years has meant he’s been able to work with figureheads from all corners of the scene. Defying categorisation, John’s catalogue straddles electro, punk rock, trance, Latin and drum and bass. Truly international, John has brought dance music to some of the farthest flung places on the globe, including Siberia and the sub continent. And he has the air miles to prove it. He plays regular dates in Russia, Miami, LA, and the Czech Republic. John’s been a pioneer of sub genres through his production and DJing as well as via the diverse releases from talent on his own labels, Beta and Nu Electro. In 2009, John was voted best drum and bass DJ in DJ Magazine’s top 100 poll.  Last year D&B titan Andy C just pipped him to the post.  But despite having to settle for runner up, John leaped an impressive 16 places to finish at number 76 overall.
deluxe drum’n’bass hosted by the DANGER DJs
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MC Coppa originally from England, born of Jamaican parents, is fast becoming one of the rising names in worldwide electronic music. Now relocated to Berlin, via Vienna, due to the volume of international music work he was receiving. Not one to limit his sound, 27-year old Coppa is an incredibly versatile vocalist, having gained years and years of live performances and recording experience in the worldwide electronic music circus.