23rd March 2012
                    Wilkinson & MC Lowqui
Wilkinson’s first insight into making music came at the age of 9 when his parents bought him a drum kit. Wilkinson joined a few bands and was playing at venues as far as the Birmingham NEC and as close as the local old peoples home. At the age of 14 he discovered his passion for dance music and in his final year at college he tried his hand at making beats in the college studio, which lead to buying his first bits of production gear and turning his bedroom into a studio. After fine-tuning his production skills, Wilkinson passed a few songs on to Hospital Records and a few months later Wilkinson sent a folder of tunes to Ram Records and within days received a phone call from Andy C inviting him. Since then he has been responsible for some of the most upfront drum’n’bass tunes the scene had seen for a long time.
deluxe drum’n’bass hosted by the DANGER DJs
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Lowqui’s journey thorugh breakbeat and drum and bass began back in the days of the UK hardcore scene, when the emerging sounds of jungle introduced a new wave of ragga-influenced toasting and hosting in London’s raves and club nights. LowQui forged his own style to bring conscious lyrics with maximum effect on the dancefloor. This notion of balance and harmony is at the core of LowQui’s style on the mic and comes from a philosophy embedded in all that he does.