29th January 2011
                           Krust & MC Master X
Krust is the co-founder of Bristol’s Full Cycle crew (with Roni Size, DJ Die and Suv). Born in Bristol, Krust was raised on hip-hop and began DJing in the mid-‘80s. His interests grew to include acid house and rave by the late ’80s, and a stint in the group Fresh 4 landed Krust in the middle of the charts, when "Wishing on a Star" made number nine in 1989. After meeting at Festival in 1990, Krust and Roni Size soon began to produce tracks together, often in collaboration with DJ Die and Suv. The outfit recorded solo and in tandem for Bryan G and Jumpin’ Jack Frost’s V Recordings, but then in 1992 formed the Full Cycle label. Along with its sister label Dope Dragon, Full Cycle released several crucial singles such as “Warhead”, Cloakin Devices” and “It’s Jazzy”.
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MC Master X is one of the freshest new vocal talents to emerge from the UK drum &bass scene. With an array of nu skool flows and a distinctive lyrical style, he has become recognised as being one of the most exciting up and coming artists on the drum&bass circuit. His unique voice compliments any DJs set and he is one of the few MCs out there who can adapt his style to suite all genres of drum&bass music.